ActiveGuard is one of the easiest and best ways you can protect your family and your home from Bed Bugs. A mattress liner that actually kills Bed Bugs, ActiveGuard should qualify as a sleep aid because it really can help you get a better night's sleep as you rest easily knowing you are safe from the busy little bed biters. Great for the home, it is also the perfect travel companion protecting you from Bed Bug bites anywhere you spend the night. 
ActiveGuard™ mattress liners provide the first, proven, long term solution to the dust mite problem that kills house dust mites in mattresses for up to two years.

With over 40,000 units sold worldwide, ActiveGuard™ liners are as quick and easy to install as a fitted sheet and are thin, cool, comfortable, odorless and breathable. 

ActiveGuard™ mattress liners are now approved as an integral part of a successful bed bug management program to protect you and your family from bed bug bites. 

ActiveGuard™ is the first mattress liner to actually kill bed bugs-even new, more resistant strains, as well as dust mites and their allergens.
  • No airborne sprays or powders
  • No maintenance required
  • Saves customers from costly box spring or mattress replacement
  • Patent-protected device
  • Potential to stop new infestations dead 
  • Four sizes fit all
ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Size
Discounts and Free Shipping available for orders with a quantity of 200 or more. Please call directly for large quantity orders. 410-352-3222 
Travelers secret to keeping luggage bed bug free! 

Did you know that ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are not just for home use? Bed bugs make terrible souvenirs. Travelers Tip: Place an ActiveGuard Mattress Liner in your suitcase prior to packing. Wrap the mattress liner around the contents of your luggage prior to closing. Should you come in contact with any bed bugs along your travels, you won't need to worry about bringing them home! Within 1 hour of coming into contact with ActiveGuard Mattress liners, the bed bug is inactive. Within 72 hours, it is dead. 

Another excellent way to protect yourself from bed bugs, Protect-A-Bed is a mattress encasement system that completely encapsulates your bed, sealing in just about any pest so they can't get out and get to you. Soft and luxurious to sleep on, you'd never know it was so tough against bugs. For more information, call us anytime.
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