Industrious, tireless and diligent, ants make great workers. Unfortunately, those same qualities make them among the most invasive, annoying and damaging pests in the country, including right here in our neck of the woods. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with them and have been helping Delaware and Maryland residents eliminate their ant problems for more than 20 years. So, if you find yourself facing an ant infestation of your own, let us help you too. 


Ants rank among the most common of all pests in Sussex County, Delaware and on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Very aggressive and invasive, established ant colonies can harbor close to a half million ants and the goal of nearly every one is to continuously feed and sustain the colony. Active all year long and in any weather condition, foraging ants can be found just about anywhere in your home leaving an invisible chemical trail for other ants to follow: through cracks, under carpets, behind baseboards and just about any place else you can think.
The most common ant found throughout Sussex County, Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore, the Odorous Ant is also one of the most active and potentially damaging. Typically about about 1/8 of an inch and black or brown in color, Odorous Ants get their name because they smell like rotting coconuts when crushed. Living in colonies in sizes of about 100,000 these ants are most active in Spring, Summer and Fall, although Winter only slows them down a little. They can be found just about anyplace inside and out: in rotting trees, near and under concrete, between window frames, cracks, crevices, etc. Though they are primarily attracted to sweets they will eat just about anything including veggies, dairy and meat. 

Due to the size of their colonies, treatment typically involves taking measures to eliminate the colony and any remnants of it immediately. However, because these ants are year round invaders, year round maintenance is a smart decision.
We can not emphasize enough how important professional home pest inspections and assessments are, so we wanted to share this picture with you. To the untrained eye, it may appear to be termite damage when in reality, it is damaged caused by Carpenter Ants. Did we fool you? That's okay. Call or contact us anytime.

Keep The Sweets For Your Swee
While it is true ants are omnivorous and will eat almost anything, it's the sweet stuff they really like so do your best to keep it away from them. Clean up juice and other sugary spills thoroughly and keep containers filled with sweets sealed airtight. 
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