The Bennett Heat'N Treat System

Bennett Termite is the only local pest control specialist to do all its bed bug heat treatments in house so our service costs you about 20% less than anyone else. And, because we handle the entire heat treatment process from start to finish, we can also guarantee the quickest, most complete and most conscientious performance. So, if you have a bed bug problem we are ready to help you eliminate it NOW!

Need more information? Call us today to learn more about our exclusive Heat'n Treat process and about all out EcoPest Pest Control Systems.

The Greenest of Green Pest Control, Heat'n Treat truly is the ultimate solution to exterminating bed bugs & their eggs. Here's how it works. Using specialized equipment, we heat your home to 140 degrees and maintain in there for 4 hours. When we're done, so are the bed bugs. And we mean GONE. Simply put, there is nowhere they can hide from Heat'n Treat. As if that's not enough, our process does not use one drop of chemicals. That's right...Zero. Zilch. Nada. And that means you can go right back into your home when we're finished- chemical free, bed bug free and worry free. For more details contact us today.
Steam'n Stop

Another green pest control alternative, Steam'n Stop kills bed bugs with, you guessed it, steam. Extremely effective, we use a steam gun to deliver 140 degrees of bed bug killing water vapor that kills bed bugs on contact. Because it's a directed stream of steam, we can get into hard to reach places like inside drawers, closets, behind head boards and more. An excellent option in place of chemical treatments, call us today for Steam'n Stop details.
Chemical Treatments

The chemicals we use for bed bug treatment are considered green and certified safe to use just about anywhere. They are also the "only" way to go in some cases, which is why we offer them as a service option. Still, we recommend using chemicals to treat bed bugs only if absolutely necessary; they are not as effective at treating bed bugs as our other services, they are less cost effective and they just are not as clean. For more information, contact us today.
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