We are experts in treating and eliminating bed bugs in your home or business. We use only exclusively proven methods to treat, control and eradicate any bed bug problem you have including our K9 Inspection and our exclusive Heat'N Treat System, a fact that is especially important since research has shown that this new wave of bed bugs is highly resistant to most conventional forms of treatment. As with termites, only a complete and thorough inspection can determine if you have a genuine bed bug problem and what it will take to treat and control it.  
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As seen here, bed bug bites are characterized by red, welt-like bumps on the skin and can cause any number of related issues including allergic reactions, skin infections, mental distress and, even anaphylactic shock, though this is rare. An especially interesting and worrisome feature of bed bug bites is that you often do not see or feel the damage until long after it is done. That's because bed bugs first inject you with an anesthetic before hungrily slurping your blood.
Other Tell Tale Signs 

Bed Bugs can be very hard to detect so knowledge about how they look and behave can be very important to detecting them as soon as possible. Because they are flat and about the size of an apple seed, bed bugs can invade your home from almost anywhere. Drawn to warm, dark places near human hosts, bed bugs are also not simply relegated to living on mattresses and can be found in furniture, clothing, carpets and many more places. Furthermore, they can live for almost a full year in a home with a nominal temperature and adequate food supply. Add this to the fact that they can fully infest a house within 3-4 months and it's easy to see how bed bugs can get out of control. Other things to consider include: 

  • ​Bed Bugs can travel on bags, people and suitcases or transferred from used furniture. 
  • ​Bed signs can be dark spotting and staining on sheets, mattresses, pillows and clothing. The staining is from excrement and blood left by crushed bed bugs. 
  • ​A sweet musty smell is often associated with bed bug infestation. 
  • ​Most bed bugs come out for meals at night-time and feed exclusively on blood. Their bites on humans can feel and even look similar to a mosquito bite. ​ ​
Defense & Treatment 

Like they say in football, sometimes your best defense is a strong offense so make the moves that are necessary to keep bed bugs out of your house as much as possible. First, inspect it regularly especially after traveling or when guests leave your home. The same is true for furniture: inspect it regularly, especially any second-hand pieces you might bring into your home. Finally, even though bed bug infestations have NOTHING to do with cleanliness, it still helps to remove clutter from your home if for no other reason than it gives them fewer places to hide. 

As for treatment, your best option is to get professional treatment. Having said that, choose carefully because not all professional treatments are the same. Heat applications for example, are used by many pest control professionals, but generally only as a method of contact killing, which means they only kill the bed bugs you can see and not the entire infestation. Having said that, we know that heat treatment is the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs, which is why we offer our exclusive Heat'n Treat System; it kills bed bugs at their source. To find out how, just give us a call.  

Of course ultimately choosing the best treatment method for your situation depends entirely on the scope of your situation, so contact us today to schedule an in home bed bug inspection. Serving Sussex and Kent Counties, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, we are just a call away from handling any of your pest control needs. 
Travel Smart 
​Infestations have been found in high and low end hotels and motels across the country. Protect yourself when you travel with our ActiveGuard Mattress Liners
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