Few insects can send people into an immediate frenzy like bees, especially Hornets and Yellow Jackets. Although they usually only sting when provoked or surprised- except Yellow Jackets which are unpredictable and extremely dangerous- bee stings from just about any type can present critical health risks to people who are allergic to them. It can be even worse if you don't know you are. Calling us can help take the worry (and the sting) out of bee encounters because we're experts at keeping them under control.


A quick, casual glance (or while you're running and flailing your arms) can make it hard to tell if you're dealing with a Honey Bee, a Hornet or a Yellowjacket. And while the Yellowjacket is considered to be among the most dangerous of all stinging insects in the United States, the fact is any of the three can sting if they feel threatened. Couple this with the potential risks of allergic reactions and it's easy to see why the best way to deal with bees is to simply call us. 
Okay, you know that all bees can sting and for people who are allergic to them, they are all bad. However, even for those without bee sting allergies, stings can still hurt, some way more than others. So here is a little primer on what some different bees look like and what to watch out for when you're out and about. 

From left to right: Honey Bee, Hornet and Yellowjacket. Again, all three sting but the Hornet and Yellowjacket are the most aggressive and their stings pack the most punch. While most of them grow to be about 1/2 inch in length, there are some giant Hornets and Yellowjackets out there that are truly monstrous and deadly, so watch out. All bees are social by nature so that means there are generally quite a few of them around especially if you are near the hive; this yields a greater risk of more stings. 
Honey Bee
  • Least Aggressive
  • Nests Around & in House 
  • Can Lay 2,000 Eggs Daily 
  • Active All Year 
  • Very Aggressive
  • Nest Around House & Nests Can Be Up To 2Ft. Tall 
  • 500 - 700 In Nest At Any Time
  • Very Aggressive & Unpredictable
  • Nest Around House But Also on The Ground 
  • Attracted To Garbage
Giant Hornet
Giant Yellowjacket

Watch Your Step!
Remember that Yellowjackets also commonly nest under stairs, porches and in the ground so watch where you walk when you are outside...and wear shoes. 
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