When humidity conditions rise above 60% relative humidity for extended periods of time mold, mildew and bacteria growth is stimulated. We offer the Santa Fe and Horizon dehumidifiers to provide a consistent percentage of humidity for you. Rooms such as basements or normally damp areas of the home should be protected from high moisture in order to reduce the amounts of pests in your home. 
Your biggest investment is your home or business. Make sure you are protected from the dangers of moisture. Make sure that your home or business is free from pests or health concerns.
Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions serve the Sussex and Kent counties in Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

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Moisture control plays a huge role in pest control which is why we are happy to offer our DriTime lineup of moisture control services. Excessive moisture, whether it is standing water on the ground or just too much moisture in the air, set the tone for creating the perfect kind of environment in which many of the most troublesome pests thrive. Our specialty lines of dehumidifiers, insulation, crawlspace and basement services makes sure the only environment you have is cool, dry and comfortable...for your family, not the pests.

The Titan XG90 by Horizon was custom engineered to efficiently maintain your indoor air quality. Developed using decades of in the field experience, the XG90 produces an impressive 370 CFM, making it the perfect option for any space up to 15,000 ft3. Even with its powerful output, the Titan is still ultra-efficient with a 2.8 L/kWh and only 5.5 AMPS. 
This impressive machine can also be customized to meet your needs with multiple upgrade options including ducting, filters, and remote control. Whether you’re facing too much moisture, unwelcome pests, or nasty mold, the Titan XG90 is the ideal dehumidifier for your application.
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