Mosquitoes are probably the pest most associated with summer. Who hasn't had an outdoor party, picnic or quiet evening in their back yard ruined by these swarming little blood suckers? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. We are experts in mosquito control and treatment and can help give you back your summertime "happy place" no matter where it is on your property. Our yard sprays offer effective and comprehensive protection from outdoor pests of all kinds, including the dreaded mosquito.


Mosquitoes are considered Vector Pests because they can transmit disease pathogens like viruses and bacteria through their bites directly to their hosts...that's you, your family and just about anyone else they bite. So, in addition to being good at eating and reproducing, they are also quite capable of spreading any number of blood-borne illnesses one victim to the next. That, and they make being outside a genuine pain. We can help protect you from both, guarding your family from mosquito-spread infections and giving you your backyard back.

We do this carefully by inspecting any and all affected areas around your home, assessing the situation and then implementing a specific course of action for defending your home against mosquitoes. Our treatments always use the safest and most effective combination of products and applications available, so safe in fact, that we can treat any area including outdoor grills and kitchens and around water. As a bonus, our yard spray treatments also create a barrier for your home against flies, gnats, spiders, crickets, fleas and ticks.

For more information about our treatment and protecting your family and property from the threat of mosquitoes and more, contact us anytime here at Bennett, your truly local pest control solution experts. 
Some Like It Wet
Mosquitoes will breed anywhere where there is standing water for more than 3 days so do your best to keep areas around your home free from pooling puddles of water or extreme dampness. Inside, consider the use of a well designed dehumidifier.
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