House Mice are the most commonly encountered of all rodents and found everywhere from homes and open fields to agricultural land and just about anyplace else along the way. Excellent at foraging for food they are also excellent at spreading any number of diseases since they feed on and contaminate many human food sources. Getting rid of them effectively is the best way possible to minimize the risk factors associated with having them in your house. Our proven mice control methods can help you do this.


That's the reaction many people have to seeing a spider. Few other pests, regardless of the level of danger they pose, elicit the chills and fear spiders do. Generally speaking though, spiders are harmless to people and are usually in your home due to the presence of the other insects they feed on. For this reason, spider problems can often be linked to having other pest problems, which is why we thoroughly inspect your property to determine the root cause of your spider issue. Often, spiders leave after we detect and eliminate their food source. 
Even though spiders are not the monsters many people see them as, the bites some of them can deliver can be a threat to people, particularly children and the elderly. Among the most famous human-biting spiders, the Black Window's bite really does pack a punch sometimes causing vomiting, chills, palpitations and, in rare cases, death. Though they will only bite if threatened or surprised, a potential danger still exists so know where they are and what NOT to do. Like many spiders, they can be found in the basement, crawl spaces, attics and many other dark, cool places. Because of this, be careful where you step and be sure not to reach in places you can not see completely since you never know if one of these spiders might be in there. 

For more information about getting rid of any mice or rats that may be in your home, contact us today. 
Keeping Them Out 

Like we mentioned, spiders typically go into your home looking for insects for food. You can try to minimize this by turning off outside lights that attract mosquitoes. Also, clean up debris around the outside of your house like wood and other clutter that can provide dark and damp cover since these are the areas spiders love to live. Make sure you wear gloves too since you may be relocating the 8 legged tenants that have already moved in.
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