Ticks are dangerous. The discomfort and disease they can cause to people, pets and other animals is among the worst of all pests which is why it is one of our highest priorities to stop and control ticks here in Delaware and on the Eastern Shore. Responsible for the spread of diseases like Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and more, ticks represent a huge health risk in our community. If you see or suspect ticks in or around your home or business, please call us before they can become a problem.


Tick bites can vary in size, color and severity from bite to bite and tick to tick. The one constant however, is that any of them can be dangerous, some just more so than others. In addition to Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Fever, ticks can also spread Human Ehrlichiosis and even cause an allergy to red meat. Found in virtually all environments, from thick tree clusters, forests and fields to high grass, in leaves and even well mowed lawns, ticks are everywhere you are and their numbers grow every year. 
Because of their growing population and proximity to humans, like in your yard at home, the best defense against ticks is our professionally applied yard spray. Effective against ticks, our yard spray will also combat fleas, ants, mosquitoes. spiders and more. 

For more information about ridding your home and property from ticks, contact us today. 
Deer Ticks 

This might be the most important tick to recognize if you are in Delaware and Maryland. The Deer Tick is responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease the symptoms of which can lead to everything from fever and chills and muscle/joint aches to sever swelling and neurological problems. If you suspect you have been bitten by one of these ticks, pay close attention to your symptoms and get treatment as soon as possible. 
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