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We always say quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless and there may not be an area of pest control where this applies more than with termites. Simply put, the damage they can cause to a home is staggering. So when you find that you have them, you need to get rid of them…ASAP! Let us help. From preventative termite treatments to complete termite treatments, we have the tools, technology and experience that have raised the termite control and treatment standards in Delaware and Maryland.

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Termite Control & Treatment

Termite Damage

Take a look at the picture to the above. That’s what termites can do if left untreated. And this isn’t even the worst of it. Without question, termites are one of the most dangerous and destructive pests you and your home will ever encounter. In fact, termite damage is estimated to be more than 1 billion dollars annually across the U.S. Unrelenting and insatiable, they will eat through wood, drywall and more, not until they’re full but until the food is gone. So stop feeding them now.  

Of course, before you can treat for termites, you have to first know if you have them. So how can you tell if you do? For starters, here are a few clues to look for:

  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or frass (termite droppings).
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in crawl spaces.
  • A temporary swarm of winged insects in your home or from the soil around your home.
  • You see a termite: termite wings tend to be equal size, their antennae are straight and termite’s waists are thick.

Knowing their points of entry and how they live can help in identifying termite activity as well, so know that:

  • Termites can live in colonies and create their own habitat in moist areas.
  • Both subterranean and aboveground termite nests also function as water-gathering devices.
  • Termites follow pipes and tree roots to gain entry into homes.
  • Termites can also enter homes with just 1/32 of an inch opening.
  • They can cause damage in hidden area such as in crawl spaces, window frames and behind walls. 

If you still need help assessing your termite situation just give us a call to schedule a complete, professional home termite inspection. From top to bottom, in and out, we will thoroughly inspect your home and property (including crawlspaces and attics) then tell you if you have a termite issue, its extent and how to get rid of them.

And remember, no matter where you are in Sussex and Kent Counties, Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia’s Eastern Shore, we are here to help always just a phone call or email away.

Trelona Advaced Baiting System

Termite Treatment Option 1
Baiting System

Part of our commitment to green pest control and our EcoPest Systems, Bennett Termite’s exclusive Termite Baiting System is a safe and effective way to eliminate termite colonies entirely. Designed primarily as an unnoticed underground baiting system, our unique network or termite treatment stations is a long term solution to ridding your home from termites. 
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Termite Treatment Option 2
Liquid Treatments


What kills termites naturally? A liquid treatment using a pesticide such as Termidor/Taurus SC creates an invisible barrier between the structure and the ground. Safe for your Pets and for your Family. 

Since most termites need moisture to survive, keeping your home dry is a great defense against infestation. Vapor barriers where applicable and dehumidifiers are two great ways to do this. Need more help? Call us anytime. Learn more about our Crawl Space Encapsulation Services.

Termites in Ocean Pines Maryland

Termite Mud Tubes in Ocean Pines Maryland Home Termites in Ocean Pines Maryland can be a nasty problem. Mud tubes are made of soil, wood cellulose, and other particulate matter.

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Customer Expereinces

I needed a termite inspection for my VA Home Loan. Bennett Termite schedule the inspection quickly and showed up on time. The inspector was very polite and informative. Their fee was better than I expected. I would recommend Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions to anyone in need of the service.

Very happy with your service and price. Always done quickly and very flexible on changes of schedule.

Thank You!

Our first experience with Bennett Pest Control was approximately 4 years ago when we encountered our first “bed bug infestation” when a tenant moved out of a rental home. We had called a number of Pest Control companies who used a chemical treatment and would need to treat for 2-4 months. After calling Bennett Pest Control and meeting with Bruce, he explained the heat treatment, the cost, and the down time.

The heat treatment would kill everything in the home (ie; roaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs and their eggs) down time would be 6-8 hours, and cost was less than one month’s rent. Still, not sure as what to do, Bruce said “Let’s do this house, if you still are not convinced, or we have to come back for any reason, we will discount the cost.” We will also guarantee our work, and have a canine inspection upon completion.

Needless to say, the ONLY people I call when there is any signs or even a “maybe possible” sign of a bedbug when completing a move out inspection is Bennett Pest Control . They are fast, courteous, professional, and less expensive than having 2+ months of down time with no guarantee. We have never had to have Bennett Pest Control go back to re-treat. It is always 100% pest free after one treatment.

Thank you!

“I just wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to speak with Keven today and he was fantastic. I was told that I had an issue at a rental property of mine in Fenwick. I needed you all to come out and treat it but I couldn’t be there. Kevin called me and explained everything and answered all of my questions in a way that made me feel like I was truly being taken care of. Keven is the reason I will remain a customer in the future.

Please thank him for earning you another customer.”

“I was very impressed with the professionalism of Robert and Dean yet also how kindly they treated me and my family. We were devastated to find that we had a problem. They assured us that we are not alone and would do everything they could to help us. Robert gave us all the information we needed to know with how to handle the situation. Under Dean’s care, Bennett acted swiftly and had our problem, and our stress level, under control in no time. We are so grateful to them for their service.”

“I want to take the time to let you know how I feel about your company and its performance. I provide Property Management for an extensive number of homes in both Delaware and Maryland. I have chosen Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions to service these rental properties as well as my personal homes because I have noticed the attention to details, the professional service and the response to my needs that the company provides. They respond quickly to any call and provide the monthly service at a very competitive rate. I can rely on Bennett to get the job done the first time whether performing routine maintenance or providing immediate service for problems.

I am a realtor and am in the unique position of seeing the types of service provided by a variety of pest control companies during the home inspections for the sale of properties. It is this knowledge that led me to switch all my managed properties and my personal homes to Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions.”

“I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you that I had a great customer service experience with Jared. I dealt with him on the telephone and I was very pleased with his degree of professionalism over the phone. He was warm, friendly and assured me if I needed anything, to just call back. He is definitely an asset to your business.”

“I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to acknowledge one of your employees. His name is Fred and he did a termite inspection for us back in Jan. of this year. Fred found a significant source of heat loss and security in our conditioned crawlspace. It turns out that our builder had not sealed the crawl space from the outside elements. Fred felt the draft and reported it to us. We have been very happy with your company for almost three years now and could not be happier. All of your employees are first rate and your service is top notch. Thank you for running such an efficient business!”

“I have been very satisfied with Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions’ overall attention to service and my needs. I had a kitchen full of ants and company arriving. I called Bennett Termite & Pest Solutions and they came to my aid as quickly as possible and saved my weekend.”

“I have been impressed with Dean and his team at Bennett Termite and Pest Solutions for my monthly home pest control services. Their professional service and knowledge is essential to protecting my home and property without risk to my children and pets. With their monthly service, the appearance of my lawn has improved and I am able to enjoy my yard without the annoyance of ants, flies, and mosquitoes.”

“We are so happy that we have Dean Bennett and his crew back on our home protection team. Dealing with a man who knows his stuff leaves us relaxed. It is both a rarity and a relief to deal with your company, confident that our best interests are your priority. Thank you for bringing your quality service to our home and to our community.”

“Right Property Management has done business with Dean Bennett for years and we find him to be extremely Customer Service Oriented. It is not unusual to call Dean with a problem and he says, “I’ll be there in a few minutes to check on it”. Can’t do any more than that for your customers.”

“Not only are Dean and his company quick to respond, they have even come out the same day we called to help us out. The company is easily reached, timely, responsive and friendly. We highly recommend Bennett Pest Solutions.”

I’ve been impressed with Bennett Termite Pest Control from the moment I called them hysterically. Their response time was the same day in addition to the next day coming out again to treat the interior of my house. I am very particular and cautious about people entering my home, but when the technician came to my home, he was professional, hardworking and reassuring my rodent problem would disappear. I not only chose Bennett because they are locals to the area and know how to treat problems, but they heard the urgency in my voice to help. I can rely on Bennett to get the job done right the first time.

Quality isn't Expensive...It's Priceless

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