Termite Mud Tubes in Ocean Pines Maryland Home

Termites in Ocean Pines Maryland can be a nasty problem. Mud tubes are made of soil, wood cellulose, and other particulate matter. Termites dehydrate quickly, so they need the protection of an enclosed environment to maintain the humidity levels they need to survive. The tubes also protect them from predators. Mud tubes are about the thickness of a drinking straw or pencil and look like encrusted dried dirt. They can be squiggly or straight. If you see a mud tube and don’t know if it’s from an old termite infestation or not, remove a small section, leaving the two ends of the tube undisturbed. If the breach seals back up in a few days, termites are currently active around your property.


You may find them along your foundation, near your pipes, in your crawlspace, in your attic, or around other access points to your home. Also called shelter tubes, mud tubes are like covered highways termites use to traverse open, exposed spaces like concrete footers. They can’t go through these obstacles, so they build highways over or around them.

When termite mud tubes are found in a house, it usually means the infestation is already well underway, and may already be serious because termites only build these tubes when they have to – As when there is no way to get to their food sources (the wood in your house) via normal means (the ground), and usually when the colony is sufficiently large enough to warrant the risk.

Otherwise, they would just quietly work their way up from the ground underneath your home. If you spot termite mud tubes in your home, it’s best to consult a pest control operator. Destroying the tubes will do nothing to make the termites go away, but may alarm and compel them to shift their activity somewhere else (in your home) if they do not rebuild back the tubes.


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