Quarterly Pest Control Service… Why do you need it?

Pest Control is worth it if you want to really deal with an issue…With pests, damage, and risk increases in time, so are the costs – this is because pests tend to breed a lot. Obviously, the more the pests, the more the damage. Because it is a never-ending battle, quarterly pest control is extremely effective at preventing the reappearance of insects and other pests, even rodents, from invading your home.

At Bennett Termite, we will come out 4 times within a year. This will be scheduled once every 3 months via our central scheduling office and can even be customized to what day and time. You will receive a call the day before, reminding you of your appointment. After the initial service, you do not need to be present. However, if you or someone of the household, would like to be there, let us know the day before so that we can note that for the technician on the account. We try extremely hard to assign the same technician for your service but keep in mind they do have vacations and sometimes they feel a little under the weather and will need to use a sick day. We have many trained technicians/exterminators that we’re sure will satisfy your pest control needs.

Our quarterly program starts with our exterminator asking you about any problems you’ve been having. This is the time to tell them about persistent issues you may have with ants, spiders, crickets, rodents or other general pests. Using this information, the pest control technician will determine what actions to takeduring this visit.

Next, only upon request, we will treat any problem areas inside the structure of your home. Bennett Termite hopes to reduce the need to routinely apply products to the interior of your home. If special attention needs to be given to a particular area, they’ll take care of it at this time. No matter the treatment or application, the insecticides or rodent bait used today will be applied per the label and are generally odor-free. Any questions pertaining to the safety of the chemicals used, please address these concerns with the technician before they treat. The technician will follow the pest/rodent-specified label guidelines and are environmentally safe.

The exterior treatment comes next. Just as they did with the inside of your home, the exterminator will walk around the outside of your home. They’ll treat the foundation, 2 feet up and 2 feet out, entry doors, as well as around the bottom of windowsills on the first floor. This creates a barrier so that pests from the outside won’t attempt to come in. We will treat the inside and outside of your garage and also add rodent stations on the interior of the garage, if necessary. The technician will knock down cobwebs around the entry points of your home. We will also place rodent stations inside your crawl space.

We guarantee our Quarterly Pest Control and will provide extra services, if needed, between visits at no additional cost. We look forward to working with you and will do our best to make you a happy customer.

Remember, “Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”.