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A Note from Belinda…

The pest control industry is all about developing a skilled and cohesive team. What was a traditionally male-dominated field, the number of women in the workforce is rising and has doubled since 2014 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This couldn’t reflect more than at Bennett Termite and Pest Solutions.

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So, a little about me. After spending 35 years in the healthcare industry and before retiring, while very grateful for the growth, Dean and I recognized the administrative needs at Bennett Termite and I decided to dive in. It truly opened my eyes to the everyday operational and administrative needs to make a successful business operation with a fleet, flow with efficiency and consider this as one of my strengths. I must admit, what once was only a few areas that I would focus on, has turned out to be a gamut of needs that has been very challenging but ones that I have welcomed. This has allowed me to learn all the business aspects that are required to promote and sustain growth while being a leader in the pest control industry. My most valuable quote is, “A leader is best when people barely know she/he exists, when her/his work is done her/his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”.

More importantly, impressive, and relative to the title here at Bennett Termite, are our ladies who play very important roles in our everyday operations. From our 2 Customer Service Specialists who are on the frontline, A/R Specialist, Scheduling/Customer Service Supervisor, and our Operations Manager, they are all shining examples of the growth of women in the pest control industry. There is a combined 51 years of experience in Pest Control between our Customer Service Specialist, the Scheduling/Customer Service Supervisor and our Operations Manager! You can click here, to see these glamorous ladies.

 I work closely with these ladies and couldn’t be more proud. No matter the job title, our ultimate goal is customer service. As we all know Information Technology is changing the service industry. The bar has risen as to the information that is shared with our customers. Our new Customer Relations Software provides a wealth of information from the post service statement and then the invoice, the next appointment, and last but not least, our customer’s favorite, where one can pay through their customer portal. Even though we have moved to an automated appointment reminder system, that doesn’t mean that our office staff can’t be reached with any questions or concerns about their accounts. These ladies continue to give our customers their undivided attention and go above and beyond to exemplify our mission at Bennett Termite. I keep close tabs on this and trust me, Dean and I know the importance of having a live person receiving calls and taking care of the customer.  In the winter…they spend their wintertime on projects with group defined goals to increase efficiency and to improve on the quality of our services. Here in lies the pride and perseverance of excellence. Hence, as Dean says, “Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”.

The number of women in Pest Control is not lost on those at Bennett Termite and Pest Solutions.

 From the co-owner,

Belinda Bennett

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